A web application integrated with

OTRS (open source ticket request system)

that display complete administrative dashboards.

Improve visibility and decision making

OTRS Dashboard presents the information of your business operation available in your OTRS helpdesk software.

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Provides comfortable panels that show key indicators, with filtered and prioritized data. This allows real-time observation of the operation status and help desk productivity.

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Benefits with OTRS Dashboard

Accomplish commitments

Live panel displays tickets with critical condition, in order to give a timely solution.

Faster response time

Detect the areas where the response to customers is most delayed.

Review team performance

For each team member, check the amount and resolution time of requirements, grouped by type.

Use your resources wisely

The possibility of identifying the resources used in each task/service/client, allows greater and better control over the operation.

All the features that you need in one web application

Real time data

Incoming request

Pending requirements

Tickets near to closing date

Critical and failure elements

Resource usage

Hours used per task

Workload distribution

Employee anomaly detection

Amount of work by customer

Choose what to see

Variety of filters

Data sorted

Intuitive configuration

Adjustable report time interval

Time analysis

SLA fulfillmentt

Response time per user

Tasks and services lifetime

First response and solution time

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